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Sometimes those things that go bump in the night really are waiting to greet us in the shadows. This world is strange, and the world of the unknown is vast. Let go of what you think you know about these things, and let your imagination take hold.


Jun. 19th, 2017 02:30 pm
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AGE LIMIT: We request that all players be above the age if 18. This is for a myriad of reasons, one of them being legal reasons with how easily people can lie about their age and get others into trouble, etc. Obscurums will be dealing with a number of adult things, such as violence and horror and as such, viewer discretion will be advised. If you do not enjoy dark themes, then this rp may not be for you.

STAY IC: It should be obvious that players must stay in character and not cross any ic/ooc lines etc. As such, please refrain from fourth walling and the like, acknowledging that they are fictional characters etc. Your characters exist within their world, and will not think outside of that. As such, players will be expected to understand what they know ooc vs what their character will know ic. Try to remember this.

STRIKES & WARNINGS: If need be, for whatever reason, if the mods have to step in and intervene on any issue, we will. If a player or a number of players come to the mods with issues and complaints regarding another member of the community, we will have to step in and put out foot down. Anyone who is in violation of the rules in any way will be given a series of warnings before finally being removed from the game.

BE RESPECTFUL: Please remember to be kind and courteous to your fellow players, regardless of whatever issues you may have with them OOC. Please also remember that IC interaction does not and should not reflect OOC behavior. If your character doesn't like another character in the game, don't bring that tension out into your OOC relationships. Likewise, we will not tolerate players harassing one another or making others uncomfortable. Don't pressure people into plots. Do not force ships on anyone. Basically, just don't be a douche, or the mods will take action when it is brought to our attention.

CHARACTER AGE LIMITS: For convenience, we ask that no characters be of high school age/under the age of 18. Likewise, please no vampires older than 500! An NPC can be younger, such as a sibling, but we ask that you don't app or try to actively play anyone younger than the age limit which has been set by the mods.

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